Frequently Asked Questions

When do you ship?

We ship the first week of each month!

When will I be Charged each month?

We charge on the 11th of each month

When is the Cutoff date each month?

You will need to be a current subscriber by the end of the month in order to get the next months shipment. So by the end of October to get Novembers Autograph. 

Why dont you do a theme each month so that we have an idea of who might be signing?

Right now, we do not have the ability to do themes as we never know what the final subscriber count will be till the end of the month. Some times we have enough autographs of someone where we can offer a theme and be pretty sure we will not hit max subscribers for that signer. To help with this issue have started what we call the "Add-On Pack" that will always be themed. 

What is an Add-On pack?

An "Add-On Pack" is an additional mystery autograph you can add to your subscription that month. These are always themed and are limit. The prices for add-on may vary as well. 

How can I add an "Add-On Pack"?

Just click on the Shop link above and it will take you to where you can purchase this months add on.

Do the autographs come with Certificates of Authenticity

All of our Autographs are back by & 258 West Authentic Signatures. 

Are the Autographs packed well to protect them?

All of our Autographs are shipped in a rigid envelope and protected in a top loader.  Oh and lots of red "Do not bend stickers" as well.

Can I cancel my membership?

yes, you can cancel at any time. Also you can choose to skip a month if your budget is tight one month but dont want to cancel! These options can be found under the account tab!

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